The Bijagos Archipelago & Cape Verde - with National Geographic

11/21/2019 through 10/26/2020
11/21/2019 through 11/09/2020

The Bijagos Archipelago & Cape Verde – with National Geographic

In partnership with National Geographic Expeditions.  

Board Le Dumont-d'Urville for a fabulous expedition cruise between Praia and Dakar. This 12-day adventure will enable you to discover two exceptional archipelagos including wild nature, cultural heritage and encounters with the local populations.

In Cape Verde, you will call at the island of São Nicolau, which will delight you with its pristine mountain landscapes, its picturesque capital, Ribeira Brava, its friendly inhabitants and its lively traditions.

Further west, you will visit Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde, where the famous morna singer Cesaria Evora was born.

A gigantic volcanic cone emerging from the Ocean, Fogo or "volcano island" is the most unusual in the Cape Verde archipelago. With scenery of savannah and fields of sugar cane, scattered with peaceful hamlets, Fogo will offer you extraordinary panoramas.

The second part of your cruise will take place in the Bijagos Islands. Located off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, this archipelago is one of the most preserved and protected on the planet. Classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it is made up of 88 islands, most of which are uninhabited and nestling in the heart of an environment which often remains untouched by humans.

During your Zodiac® excursions, you will get as close as possible to nature, between pale-sand beaches, mangrove stretching as far as the eye can see, savannah, palm trees and baobabs.

The encounters with the wildlife described above illustrate possible experiences only and cannot be guaranteed.


Day 1 Praia
Day 2 São Nicolau
Day 3 Mindelo
Day 4 Porto Novo
Day 5 Fogo
Day 6 At Sea
Day 7 Maio Island, Bijagos
Day 8 Caravela Island, Bijagos
Day 9 Carache Island, Bijagos
Day 10 Carache Island, Bijagos
Day 11 Caravela Island, Bijagos
Day 12 Dakar

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