Klet Zagorski dvori


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Klet Zagorski dvori

Ever since 1958 a superior wine is being enjoyed on the table, together with local, autochthon grandma’s specialties like roasted turkey with homemade dumplings, roast goose, or duck, homemade ham, bacon, salami and venison salami, and other wild game meals, sausages, home made bread, all kinds of strudel, especially Zagorje Strudel (“štrukli”) with cheese.

Useful Information

  • Address: Hum Bistrički 69a, Marija Bistrica
  • Email: mladen.micak@kr.t-com.hr
  • Phone: +385 (0) 49 469 198 +385 (0) 98 555 415
  • More Info: www.vinarija-micak.hr
  • More Info: Every day (on request)

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