The Church of St. John The Baptist


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The Church of St. John The Baptist

Rakitnica settlemnt was mentioned in 1311 and today are still discerned the remains of the former houses and walls built in a dry-wall. A local church of St. John the Baptist, located close to the village, was built in 1445 when the parish of Rakitnica was founded. Masses are held twice a year, on the holidays of St. John the Baptist.

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Vodice is an old settlement with a rich history. In the town of Vodice and its surroundings you can find a lot of historical places and buildings worth visiting. The Roman settlements like Velika Mrdakovica Arauzona or Roman Prižba on Srima peninsula can be reached on foot or by bike. A great number of famous small churches with very interesting architecture are gathered in and around Vodice. The small island of Prvic is one of the places that should be visited.