Konoba Gušte


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Konoba Gušte

Konoba Gušte is located in the old part of Vodice where magnificent stone houses surround the neighbourhood. This is the first steakhouse in Dalmacija and since its opening in 1974, it continues to make patrons happy serving the best steaks in the area. Wine aficionados and not only can enjoy perusing Konoba Gušte's extensive wine list (some kinds come from the family's vineyard) to find the perfect pairing to their succulent steak.


Vodice is well-known and appreciated among the guests for the rich and versatile gastronomy. Most of the restaurants, taverns and pizzerias are located on riva or in small backstreets in the town. You can enjoy everything from sophisticated Dalmatian fish and meat dishes to a natural local kitchen with local spices, olive oil and Croatian herbs.