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Internet connection may be difficult to come by in Cuba, but ways of accessing the Internet do exist. In order to get connected, you will need to purchase an Internet card from an ETECSA office and locate an ETECSA WiFi hot-spot or a designated Navigation Room. Card sales are limited to 3 per person regardless of time value, so if you know you'll be needing connection a lot, purchase ones with the highest allowance available (5 hours at the time of writing). ETECSA cards are also sold at hotels and some shops, and some hotels offer Internet access via ETECSA to guests as well. Some international mobile operators offer 3G connection in Cuba, always inquire with your provider as this isn't guaranteed. Cuban merchandise can be taken out of the country, provided it is for personal use only (as opposed to re-sale). This includes all products made in Cuba, including rum and cigars. Prices for these are normally very similar in downtown Havana and duty-free shops at the airport and cruise terminals. Cash is used for most transactions in Cuba, and very few places accept card payments. For those that do, there is still risk of your card being declined, especially if it's issued in the USA.

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