Jagalchi Fish Market


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Jagalchi Fish Market

This legendary market will blow the mind of anyone who happens to have even a passing interest in seafood. The sheer variety of sea creatures sold here must be seen to be believed: apart from Korean favourites like crab and eel, there are the myriad types of fish and shellfish (try the 'kalguksu' noodles with clams, or 'bajirak'), plus essentially anything that can be extracted from the deep waters washing over Busan. Take a stroll around to gawk at the market's curiosities, such as the sea worm ('gaebul'), whose visual similarity to the male reproductive organ has earned it the apt nickname of 'penis fish'. Then, select the seafood that tickles your fancy and have it be cooked right then and there by one of the shops inside the market, many of which have a seating area in the second floor. Get all your seafood from a single vendor if you can, then proceed upstairs to be served your selection accompanied by sauces and side dishes (a few the latter can even be served on the house if you're in luck). Mind that a cooking charge applies, and the price on side dishes is listed per person. Given the upsurge in tourist numbers, prices at Jagalchi have reportedly gone up in recent years, leaving it for travellers who aren't exactly on a budget. Do not despair: most of what you'll see at the market is also served at nearly any seafood restaurant in town, and at a lower charge in some cases.

Do & See

Our top picks for a short stay in Busan include the expansive Jagalchi Fish Market (plus a meal at one of its seafood shops), exploring Nampo-dong and enjoying a snack off street stalls in BIFF square, plus completing one of the coastal hiking routes followed by a relaxing couple of hours at the spa.