An Ga


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An Ga

If it's the celebrated Korean BBQ you're after, An Ga is probably the place you'll be directed to. They're known primarily for their marinated pork which is grilled to perfection on the private grills built into each table; diners also enjoy access to an unlimited bar of greens and various condiments. Mind that it's on the pricey side, and only set menus are served at lunchtime (no grill).


A substantial acquaintance with Busan's culinary offerings can easily take a few weeks, but if you only have a handful of days, try and work in a meal at the Jagalchi Fish Market, a traditional Korean barbecue session, and a snack on street food: fishcake ("eomuk" or "odeng") is a popular choice that holds somewhat of a cult status in Busan, and is followed closely by "hotteok", a stuffed fried pancake sold at multiple stalls across town. If you're feeling especially adventurous, try "sannakji": an octopus dish immortalised by the movie "Oldboy", which consists of chopped up tentacles that still squirm and stick to the plate (and possibly even the insides of your mouth) as you eat them.